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Forged in Battle: Team Aezon's Origin

07/17/2014 - by Jon Sung - Comments

You may have heard about Team Aezon already. They're the youngest team competing for the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE – an incentivized competition challenging teams around the world to create a real-life, Star Trek-inspired medical Tricorder. They're all undergrads at Johns Hopkins University. Whatever your impression of most undergrads is, it probably doesn't include a serious, innovative attempt to build a working medical Tricorder. So, how'd this team come together? And where'd their leader, Tatiana Rypinski, get her start?

Gladiatorial combat, basically.

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Is the Wearable Market About to Explode?

06/09/2014 - by Rick Valencia - Comments

With Samsung & Apple both making big announcements (if not actually putting out products) and more and more venture money going into trackables of all kinds-including $120m for "chip in pill" maker Proteus-in the last 10 days, there's tons of hype about consumer tracking in lots of modalities. Qualcomm is the guts behind lots of the chips and technologies that these all use, and have seeded the market with their 2Net data utility layer. (FD I am on the Qualcomm Life advisory board but own no stock). But is the hype justified? Qualcomm Life's President Rick Valencia is an optimist, and you'll hear from him at Health 2.0 this Fall - Matthew Holt

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Affordable Health Care, Everywhere

10/22/2012 - by Karen Field - Comments

Over the last 50 years, engineers have made great strides in the development of medical device technology.

Sparked by the first commercially integrated circuits in the 1950s and the promise of ever cheaper computing power, a whole generation of engineers would go on to invent an awe-inspiring list of medical devices: From artificial hearts to MRI and CAT scan machines to advanced linear accelerators that more accurately target radiation therapy for cancer, to name just a few.

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Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

07/19/2012 - by Robert B. McCray - Comments

What can the health care industry learn from Hollywood? Can we use the power of technology and persuasion to empower consumers to take more responsibility for their own health? Can technology and knowledge of human behavior overcome the health problems that have manifested themselves in the last century of global technical advances?

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It's been exciting for me to play a role in the convergence between wireless technologies and health over the past 10 years and I see the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition as an impetus to accelerate innovations within the health space even more rapidly.

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Competition Guidelines Are Live!

03/29/2012 - by Eileen Bartholomew - Comments

The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE’s Competition Guidelines are now available on the prize website! This version is only a draft, but highlights the key objectives and rule-set for the competition.

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A Positive Global Response to Prize Launch

03/01/2012 - by Eileen Bartholomew - Comments

The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas merely two months ago and the competition is already off to an inspiring start! We have received over 140 “Intent to Compete” forms from teams all across the world and more submissions are continually rolling in every week.

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Welcome to Our Blog

01/10/2012 - by Eileen Bartholomew - Comments

This blog will be a place where the XPRIZE team behind the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE will be sharing their experiences and views throughout this 3+ year competition.

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